Vision Tsedar

Im folgenden eine Mail von unserem Partner Tsedar aus Nepal, in welcher er uns seine Vision verdeutlicht.

Von: „Tsedar Bhutia“ <> 4.Februar 2017


I am very happy know that you and your will have a plan to visit Nepal in April of this year. Likewise, you also have a plan to visit Hatiya village with Dr. Rainer, Anne and some other medical team members  in November 2017. Hatiya people, including Phurbu and his staff will be very happy to see the team again. We have have to plan a bit what can be done during this trip. I have started collecting baseline data for the cardamom cultivation e.g. population, private land covered with cardamom cultivation, additional private land available for cardamom cultivation, cardamom production of last year and income they made from the sell of cardamom, fire wood consumption per year for cardamom drying and it impact on environment, etc. I will share the data with you, Dr. Rainer and Anne as soon as it is completed. So, far I have received the data and information from 2 cardamom producing groups and I still have to received the data and information from 3 cardamom producing groups.

I will surely dedicate my remaining time for spiritual practice after the Damthang Project. Having said this, it doesn’t mean that Damthang project will be over in 1 or 2 years time. It will take at least 10-15 years of hard work to see the intended results. My dream is to see that each households will be earning 2.5 million rupees annually in average, an excellent community English boarding school will be operational in the village, an excellent health post with adequate medical equipment with able medical staff will be availabe, excellent water and sanitation in the village, emergency fund in the village to face landslide, earthquakes, evacuation of critical health problem patients to Kathmandu or Dharan by helicopter, people drying their cardamom using efficient electric dryers, using electricity for cooking, heating and boiling water and almost no use of fire wood in the village. To see all the above results, I need a huge and firm support (financial, technical, moral etc.) from each of my friends, families, donors, colleagues, villagers, and positive cooperation from the Nepali bureaucrats.


Once again, I am very happy to know that you, Dr. Rainer, Anne and some medical persons will be coming to Hatiya in November 2017.


Warm regards,



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